I just love to get feedback from my customers on what they think of me and my business. With each and every client I want to make sure they experience a 5 Star service. It is important to me that this is the case and why I try so hard to make sure everyone reaches their goals and has fun while they do it. 

You can leave feedback on my Facebook page or send it by email. Here is a screen shot of some Facebook reviews and email reviews below that.



I contacted Sharon when I had started to lose weight as I wanted to try and tone up at the same time. In 6 months I lost nearly 3 stone and my weekly sessions with Sharon definitely kept me motivated and focused. I am 56 and the best thing about the weight loss was toning up my middle. Sharon focused on the core, an area I thought I would never lose.  She built up my stamina and toned up my body all over. We trained in all weathers but Sharon is very positive and encouraging and best of all in between the “pain” you have a laugh and you feel a great sense of satisfaction at the end of a session. I would really recommend Sharon if you want to get fit, tone up and have fun at the same time.  Hope we can catch up over a coffee sometime.

Irene G62

“I really enjoy my training sessions with Sharon. I have attended her exercise classes for years and love that I can now get one to one training sessions with her. She changes things up regularly to keep the sessions from becoming repetitive and boring and has really tailored the sessions to my needs.  Sharon has such a bubbly personality that she makes working out fun.  I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is thinking about getting a Personal Trainer.”

Debbie, G81

“Sharon is one of the most fun and enthusiastic trainers you will ever meet. I have attended Sharon’s exercise classes for several years and she will strive to get your fitness levels to where you want to be, she is vigorous but you can workout at your own level having fun all the way. Sharon has a very professional approach to training and teaching classes ensuring the safety of all clients throughout. You will not be disappointed with Sharon and her expertise.”

Margaret, G81

“I’ve been going to Sharon’s classes for about 6 years and really enjoy them. Sharon’s an excellent instructor and makes the workouts really enjoyable and you feel great after it. It’s never a dull moment with Sharon, she makes the classes fun and interacts with everyone and knows their names giving it that personal touch. I would recommend Sharon to anyone who was thinking of hiring a personal trainer, she will work you hard but you will have fun doing it. I will be taking advantage of the 1-2-1 personal training. One thing I will warn you about when Sharon’s says nearly there I promise for a exercise this means nothing lol.”

Kellie Byrne, G62

“Having fought with my weight all my life, I know that I am not good at doing exercise under my own steam. Sharon helped to keep me motivated and active even when all I wanted to do was curl up on the sofa. I still have a long way to go but my fitness is much better and I am sure that contributed to me finally falling pregnant. Sharon has helped me to not only stay healthy in my pregnancy but also to safely continue to lose weight. No matter how much I resist at the end of the session I always feel energised and really full of self worth because I didn’t give in to the lazy devil on my shoulder!”

Debbie B, G4

“I approached Sharon as I was 2 stone over my ideal weight. She created me an exercise program that combined one to one training along with a running schedule. To date I’ve lost 1.5 stone and I am more than pleased to recommend her to others. Thanks Sharon.”

John, G82

“Sharon has helped me get back to where I was in my early twenties. 10 years is a long time doing nothing and she was able to help me set goals and achieve them in a fun and enjoyable manner. I’m not saying it was easy and she sure did push me but that’s why she is good at her job. I’d definitely recommend Sharon to my family and friends!”

Gregory, G60